Everybody knows me here as Felicia the colorist & MUA at Maison Maite, but they also know me as “the-one-with-the-big-beautiful-hair”. Unfortunately my hair isn’t that perfect when i do nothing about it.. That’s way Maite suggested me the try the keratine treatment in our salon. We do this treatment a lot & the results are amazing! Let’s give my own hair also a luxury treatment they need.

After the treatment my hair looks amazing. Soft & shiny like never before ! Look at my before & after pic, amazing, isn’t it ?

The day after the treatment : WAUW! I walked true the rain. Normally my hair looks ridiculously then but now it’s still perfect.

After a few days i decided to wash my hair. Normally it takes me 1hour to do my hair. Now it took me 10min. What a waste of time before !! This is like a dream for me ….

Now we are more than one month further & i still enjoy my new hair. I don’t have to put as much effort in my hair as before & they stay perfect during the whole week, just like Maite promised me. I’am totally in love with this keratine treatment


I would recommend this to everybody who thinks : – her hair is thick & not shiny – her hair is fluffy again after 10min of straightening – her hair is never like she wants it – the hair can use a luxury treatment

If you need some more info look on our facebook page our send us an email : info@maisonmaite.be

Lot’s of hair love, Feli