From black to blonde, ombre & crazy colors. If we see a new trend coming we are the first one to make a reservation at our colorist. I, Felicia, as a colorist & hair care specialist @ Maison Maite see this on a daily basis. Our hair is getting a hard time thanks to all our wishes unfortunately… You have noticed that your hair is fragile, no longer shiny & breaks? How does it come & especially, how can we prevent this?


Bleaching your hair is a chemical operation where your hair cuticles opens so the product can break down the color pigments deep in your hair. If your hair is bleached to much or with to heavy product it will all go wrong. Your hair will get damaged & will “explode”. Unfortunately it will also look like this…

But what can we do to prevent this & make our hair healthy & shiny again?


1. Make sure that your hair is strong, healthy & full of proteins before you bleach your hair.
2. Make sure your colorist uses soft bleachings. You can light up you hair very easy & very fast but that’s not the best way to do it…
3. After the bleaching proces take care of your hair like a pro !

Because of the perfect hair care afterwards & also before coloring, makes your hair strong & powerful. If you use already protein products on your hair, perfect ! But if you would like to have super shiny & super healthy hair again, just follow my favorite Redken 5steps. It’s simple & it works! Let’s start…


Step 1: Wash your hair with Redken Extreme shampoo
Step 2 : Spray 5times Redken Cat-spray on your hair
Step 3 : Treat your hair with the Redken Extreme mask
Step 4: Close your hair cuticles with the Redken Extreme conditioner
Step 5: Use the Redken Anti Snap after care

With these 5steps, I can ensure you will have healthy hair again, or you can prevent damage to your hair after coloring of bleaching. Preparing your hair is a good thing ! & it will makes sure that you can, just like everyone else @ Maison Maite, change your hair color as much as you want without damaging your hair!

Lot’s of color fun ladies
Love, Felicia
Colorist @ Maison Maite