We all know that a face cleanser and a day cream are necessary in our daily facial routine. Most people don’t know what a serum is and that’s why we don’t use it.

But what is a serum?

A serum is a thin, high concentrated emulsion of active components. They are made of little molecules. The molecules are quickly absorbed and penetrate deep into the skin.

There are many different kinds of serums, each with different and specific effects on the skin, but they all have the same goal which is improving the skin’s condition and health.


A serum is not the same as a day cream. The structure of a serum is lighter and the ingredients are much more concentrated when compared to a conventional day cream.
Therefore, serums are more expensive than day creams, but this is not a waste of money. A serum is more expensive because of the highly concentrated active ingredients. These active ingredients are the reason why your skin is healthy.

How to correctly use a serum?

You can use a serum every day before your day- or night cream, but I love to use it as a cure. Every time when the season is changing our skin change with it. Now when the autumn is on his way, my skin is feeling dry and uncomfortable. With this problems a serum does miracles. Every day I use it before my day and night cream, until my bottle is empty. Then I stop using serum until a new season change is on his way.

Two pumps of serum is enough for your whole face. When you use your serum in the right way, you can use one bottle for several months.

My favorite serum is Concentré Cellulaire Fondamental of Esthederm. This serum is perfect for all skin types and for every season. Rest assured that this serum will remain a big part of my daily routine. Dear autumn, my skin is ready for you.

Is your skin ready??

Best regards,
Beauty specialist Maison Maite